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Arthritis & Joint Pain

Most of us will suffer from arthritis at some stage of our lives due to wear and tear of the joints through normal ageing but it can also effect people at a younger age.

At SoreBods we use a hands-on holistic approach to assess your areas of concern and to treat muscles, joints and ligaments and assist you in gaining and improving your movement and strength through affected joints.

  • We provide rehabilitation to affected areas to increase mobility or support post surgery e.g.: hip replacement.

  • We will give you particular stretches and/or exercises to help you reach your personal goals and increase mobility.

  • Supplements can also assist with the inflammation associated with arthritis which we keep a range of in stock.

"When you can control whats happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to whats happening. Thats where the power is"

Make a booking with one of our team

You may book online or alternatively you may email us with your booking request at and we will phone you back to confirm your booking.

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