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About Us

At SoreBods we offer a hands on approach to the treatment of musculoskeletal pain whatever the origin. We provide cover under ACC for the treatment of injuries suffered by accident and provide exercise rehabilitation to aid recovery and programs for return to sports and restoration of lifestyle.

Osteopathy is often associated with musculoskeletal medicine – treating work injuries, arthritis and joint pain, sport injuries, back and neck pain, tension headaches, pregnancy and babies and other joint or muscle disorders.

Our Belief

Treatment for Elbow Pain, Treatment for  Hand and Wrist pain, Treatment for Shoulder Pain

While Osteopathy is amazing in so many ways, we also know that sometimes other factors need taking into account. At Sorebods we work with you to optimise your body in every way - restoring movement, reducing pain, strengthening and conditioning, postural alignment at your desk and car, exercise ideas & diet advice etc. Often simple changes or additions to your daily life can have massive impacts in how you feel.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

We are a dedicated team of Osteopaths who utilise each others skill sets, ensuring our patients get the best support they need.


Belinda Fellowes

A graduate chemist, Belinda trained at the British School of Osteopathy in London graduating with Honours in 1986. Before emigrating to New Zealand in 1992, she worked throughout the UK and taught as a graduate tutor at the British School of Osteopathy & currently tutors at the Unitec Osteopathy Masters programme.


Coming from a gymnastic and athletic background Belinda is a keen mountain biker, offroad runner, and ocean swimmer hence is interested in all athletes and their endeavors young and old. She works extensively to resolve functional and biomechanical problems, headaches, migraine and complex pain and issues of aging alongside all other aspects of Osteopathic care.


Belinda prescribes rehab plans, pilates based exercises and taping and is a prescribing Orthotic practitioner using ‘Gaitscan’ technology where appropriate for footwear and gait correction.


Meg Stott

Meg is a passionate osteopath committed to helping you achieve healing and reclaim your body’s optimal health. With a deep appreciation for the human body’s complexities, Meg is devoted to providing comprehensive osteopathic care, tailored to your specific needs.


Coming from a cycling and skiing background, Meg believes in using a variety of osteopathic techniques, that encourage the bodies self-healing mechanisms. Beyond the treatment room Meg is dedicated to guiding her patients to adopt positive lifestyle changes and self-care practices that promote long term healing. Meg believes that knowledge is empowerment and is committed to sharing insights that will support your health journey outside of your sessions.


Meg enjoys working with people from all walks of life and outside of her practice can be found spending time with family and friends, and adventuring around all that New Zealand has to offer


Vicki Cox

Vicki’s background in health and well-being has derived from an early interest in yoga movement and philosophy and ayurvedic therapy, which she studied while travelling in India in the 2008. After living in the UK and Europe for 15 years, she returned to the southern lands where she became interested in osteopathy and its holistic approach to individual well-being, having many similarities to the yogic view of health and healing.


Vicki treats with a personalised hands on approach, looking at global musculoskeletal movement to address areas of discomfort and restriction at a local level. She believes with the right encouragement and a mindful attitude, a person can optimize their quality of movement allowing for the enjoyment of pain-free adventures in life. She has experience in treating a broad variety of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from acute sports and recreational injury, to chronic and age related biomechanical changes.


Presently, she divides her osteopathic practice between Birkenhead and Pt Chev. Outside of the practice Vicki, her family and friends, make the most of the many activities that the great outdoors of Aotearoa has to offer, both coastal and in the snowy mountains.


Morgan Hancock

Having spent much of his previous career in some form of service industry, Morgan wanted to move into a profession able to impact a person’s health & wellbeing, and Osteopathy was a clear choice.

Volunteering with the Hands with Heart foundation he spends time overseas each year providing physical therapy to disabled children in 3rd world countries.


Morgan has treated an extensive range of patients, including high-performance athletes, office professionals, builders, farmers & professional dancers. He holds a Masters degree in Osteopathy and has also completed courses in advanced manipulation, deep tissue techniques & Western Medical Acupuncture to supplement his skills.

Morgan lives in North Auckland on a bush block with his wife and two young children. With a background as a pâtissier he loves to cook to relax.


Adele Myles

Welcoming you to Sorebods is Adele our Practice Manager, on the front desk Mon-Wed. Calmly keeping us all up-to-date with our appointment schedules.


Adele enjoys travel and will be found holidaying in various regions in Europe most years! She has been with SoreBods since 2011 and continues to be a valuable member of our team.

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease"

— A.T.Still- founder of Osteopathy

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