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Hands on manual therapy treatment
Work/Home Injuries
Sports Rehab
Tension Headaches
Pregnancy & Babies



Suffering from Back Pain, Headaches, Home/SportsWork Injuries, Postural Problems, Sciatica?

At SoreBods we offer a non-invasive hands on approach to the treatment of musculoskeletal pain whatever the origin. We provide cover under ACC for the treatment of injuries suffered by accident and provide exercise rehabilitation to aid recovery and programs for return to sports and restoration of lifestyle.

Sometimes life knocks you around. Osteopathy can treat a broad range of aches and pains from work related postural problems, muscle sprains caused by over-enthusiastic work in the home, to long standing problems that just won’t go away by themselves. Your body is actually pretty good at sorting these things out, if it’s given a nudge in the right direction. Back pain, Joint pain, Neck pain, Headaches, Wrist/Hand pain, Sciatica, Shoulder pain; all treatable issues with the right support and rehabilitation from our highly experienced team.



Osteopaths treat a wide range of problems that the body suffers throughout life.These range from the acute pains caused through injury or trauma, to the chronic pains caused by occupational stress & repetitive strainsm and a host of others. All have a structural component that can be treated by an osteopath.


Osteopaths treat sports injuries but also search for possible reasons you could be predisposed to injury such as weak joints, poor posture or other issues. We use a hands-on approach to assess your injury and to treat muscles, joints and ligaments and assist you in your recovery. 



Many of us will suffer from arthritis at some stage of our lives due to wear and tear of the joints through normal ageing but it can also effect people at a younger age. At SoreBods we use a hands-on approach to assess your areas of concern and to treat muscles, joints and ligaments


The changes that an expectant mother’s body undergoes throughout the pregnancy places stresses and strains on all body parts. Osteopathy can prepare the body for birth, ease postnatal discomfort and relieve general tensions. We will work with you and your baby using relaxing and gentle methods which include cranial techniques and stretching to help balance any ligament tension



Headaches are one of the most common medical issues that nearly everyone will experience. However some people have recurring and painful headaches that can last for days or in extreme circumstances years. At Sorebods we can help with both the symptoms and the cause of those Headaches.


We provide TOG GaitScan™ – state of the art technology to assess and prescribe orthotics for functional postural correction, alongside a range of high end supplements we recommend for some of our patients




Mon: 8.00-4.00pm

Tues: 7.30-5.00pm

Wed: 8.00-6.00pm

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Fri: 8.00-2.00pm

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Our highly skilled team offer Osteopathy, Sports Rehab, Pregnancy Support + Advice on Diet, Sleep and Ergonomics.

What our lovely patients have to say... 

Knowledgeable Team

"Have been coming here for 20 years. Belinda and her team continue to be exceptional. They listen, they continue to learn about you and they won't rest until you're better"

Liz P

Actual therapy, real results

"Fraser has been amazing, I always come in with a new problem and he’s always been hands on and helping me recover as fast as possible. I like firm treatment so to have come across someone with strong hands is perfect. My parents love seeing him too and won’t ever go to anyone else anymore"

Saranyia R

Knows they're stuff

After a rough fall down stairs, my back was in bad shape. Meg sorted me out in the first visit, easing some pain and giving solid advice on how to handle it. With a few more sessions, she got me back to normal. Meg's friendly, knows her stuff, and gets things done. If you're dealing with back pain, I reckon Meg's the one to see. She's top-notch.

Terry K

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